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Out Of Bounds:

All perimeter white stakes as well as white stakes on left hand side playing no 12

Water Hazard:

Water hazards are defined by yellow stakes and lateral water hazards are defined by red stakes.  Black capped stakes have an additional option of the nearest dropping zone.


See definition as well as grass cuttings piled against trees.

Immovable Obstructions:

See definition as well as Club House; Electrical Boxes; Water Hydrants; Fixed Sprinklers; Tee Markers; Distance Markers; Benches; Posts defining teeing areas; Advertising Boards.

(Rule 24-2)

Free Relief:

1. Staked Trees must be treated as G.U.R.

2. Deep ruts identified as tractor tyre marks G.U.R. and

3. Drainage furrows from bunkers G.U.R.

Integral Parts Of Course:

Dirt Roads; Pathways; Fire Brakes; Shallow Hollow through the greens that are unmarked.

Suspension Of Play:

Must be immediate as per note at rule 6-8 under penalty of disqualification.

Stones In Bunkers:

Must be treated as movable obstruction (Rule 23-1) + (App 1)

Embeded Ball:

Extended to through the green and not just closely mown areas (App 1)

Here are the local rules of the club.

Course / Scorecard

Course Scorecard